Big, Hairy & Ancient

Big, Hairy & Ancient


Comes with an envelope, blank inside.


13cm x 18cm.

Will 'Brexit' cause problems with my express loads?

Maybe! Deal / No Deal, Delayed Brexit? Transitional Periods, Disorderly exit..... We are monitoring developments which are changing daily on the run up to the 29th of March. At this stage we are urging our direct customers and our freight forwarder customers to in turn, urge their customers to: 1) Register for an EORI Number 2) Register for Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP) - which will assit with import in the event of a no deal senario. This can only be done direct by the importer, not a forwarding agent. 3) Log onto the GOV.UK webiste and register for updates We will update this when more information is available..... For further info please see our blog.

How do I set up a credit account?

Simple! Email and request a credit application form. Once set up they will email you back with an agreed credit limit.For first time shipments we usually require payment upfront, providing a pro-forma invoice if required.

I am an existing customer, how do I log in and what does it do?

Email and request a user name and password, you can access all your booked shipments with us over the last 6 months. Logging in gives you access to your booked jobs copy invoices, certificate of shipment and uploaded PODs.

How do I register as a supplier, I would like to work with you?

Email with your company details, including insurance. You can also send vehicle availability through to this address should you wish.

How do I apply for a driving position?

Firstly check our blog or Indeed if we are advertising. If not please feel free to email a CV and background email to we will keep your CV on file and advise if any suitable positions become available.

What are your terms and conditions of carriage?

All business is transacted in accordance with the latest FTA and, or CMR terms & conditions.

Click here to view a copy of them.

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