Mini Jar Candle - Letter P

Mini Jar Candle - Letter P


Spell it out with cute fragranced mini candle jars. The nostalgic scents are delectable, but not edible! 


Letter P - Bubblegum

I just filled out the Match Me form – what now?

Hold tight! Your answers will be reviewed and the matchmaker will contact you at the time and date you selected for the one on one session to get to know you and exactly what you are looking for in a partner so that we can find you someone to love.

Is this a mail order bride/husband site?

NO. Our goal is to connect you with people with whom you share legitimate values and desires with the hope of forming a long lasting bond. We make real connections.

Why should I pay for this?

We provide a completely personalized, curated experience which includes services such as performing background checks, verifying appearances, conducting thorough interviews and follow ups, as well as providing romance and intimacy coaching. It is worth every penny and guaranteed to bring you better results than any free dating website.

I am a woman seeking a match - can you help me?

We don’t discriminate – everyone deserves love. We find international matches on behalf of both men and women.

Is this site LGBT friendly?

It’s 2020. We cater to anyone that is serious about finding the love of their life, regardless of sexual orientation.

I just filled out the Recruit Me form – what now?

As a passive member, if your profile happens to meet requirements, a matchmaker will contact you for a more in depth interview session to determine your match potential for an introduction to an active member. If you are interested in actively seeking a partner, you should sign up for the Match Me service instead.

I'm over 40. Am I too old to get matched?

We believe that is never too late to find love and we encourage people of all legal ages to try if you are interested in finding a partner. You never know who you will meet at any point in your life!

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